Who we are

The Company was founded in 2000 by Evangelos Tsogis, who had previously served as a high ranking executive in several reputable companies in the Greek market, along with a group of carefully selected partners. From the outset the strongest competitive advantage of E-conomy has been its commitment and dedication in providing high quality services focused on adding value to its clients.

The Company relies on experienced and knowledgeable personnel, with highly regarded Greek and international studies, and a multitude of external associates who maintain a stable collaboration with the Company.

Our external associates are high caliber professionals with a profound knowledge of the business environment in Greece. They have accumulated significant experience both in Greece and internationally and depending on the needs of each client, E-conomy utilizes the most appropriate associate with the most suitable qualifications and expertise. This ability to provide such specialization and in-depth knowledge of the specific features and latest developments in each market sector allows us to provide more competitive and high quality services.